Download Festival: The UK’s Premium Rock Festival

According to the India shastras, we are living in the age of downfall aka “Kali Yuga”. But before that, this humanity is used to governed by God where the decapitation of devils occurred in order to sustain the community.

During those days, the behavior of humans was ideal and they used to follow supreme rules without breaking and this age is known as “Golden Age” of entire humanity. Those decapitation days are celebrated in the name of festivals regardless of gender, color, designation, religion etc.

Human lives have been enormously affected by festival in terms of dispensing happiness which is strenuous to find nowadays. Festivals are something that sticks people in relationship with society. Among several types, prodigious festivals are associated with region and Indian festivals are the propitious example we’ve seen so far.

But along with the improvement in human culture, the inception of festivals by music, food and agriculture, arts, film, seasons etc. transpired. People especially youngsters have manifested exceptional fascination towards music and rock festivals. I mean just look the enthusiasm of people towards Ultra, Longitude, Tomorrowland, Qlimax, Sunburn, Speedmachine, Download, Creamfields, Lovebox and you name it!

The very first music festival was held at the sanctuary of Apollo in the late sixth century when there was no guitar. Newport Jazz Festival attracted the masses to the festival of this genre after 1952. In 1967, Monterrey Pop Festival has witnessed the first paramount rock festival of the world featuring many artists.

In the late ’90s, rock festivals started appearing massively in tier1 countries. 32 million American residents attend at least one music festival every year.

Among such all festivals, download festival is acting like N pole while people being S pole of a neodymium magnet. (Considering you’ve provided enough attention to study during school.😉)

What is Download Festival?

download festival

Download Festival is a pentad Brobdingnagian rock event held annually at the transcendent home of rock Donington Park of Leicestershire since 2003. Though it is a five-day event, bands only play for 3 day – Friday, Saturday and, Sunday. While on the other day, people arrive at the place, get drunk and enjoy themselves.

As aforementioned, download festival lineup aka bands play on different four stages during the weekend. Starting with the small stages, it will be getting bigger until we reach the main stage. Here the concept of headliners comes at the end of the day. Headliner bands play at the last with a longer set than usual. Inform yourself about these four stages:

  1. Main Stage
  2. Zippo Encore Stage
  3. The Avalanche Stage
  4. The Dogtooth Stage

The venue of the event is pretty huge where the sound of the one stage doesn’t interfere with the other ones. It is also an indication of estimate walking distance between adjacent stages. As you might have heard of love being blind affecting people regardless of cast, location or whatever; love towards Download festival has expanded all over the world.

Download people can be easily distinguished from “Download Dog” which is the official mascot of this 5 days event. You can find download dog on almost every material during these five days in England. Are you curious about the download 2019 dates for your native place, if it is gonna held? Let’s explore:

Download Festival 2019 Dates & Location

1. Download UK

Download festival is being celebrated in the United Kingdom since 2003. The upcoming download 2019 is gonna held at Donington Park of Leicestershire, United Kingdom. More than 100 bands will be performing during download festival 2019 starting from 14th June to 16th June 2019.

There will also be a bunch of non-music activities during these 3 days to take part in. It includes sindrome, demolition, area51, circus of horror, metal den, fairground, village cinema and many more. Go, get the download festival tickets as fast as possible. See you there!

2. Download Australia

Since the last year, Australian folks started celebrating this festival with immense joy. The current year’s download for Australia will be a one-day event in Sydney and Melbourne during 9th and 10th of March respectively.

Parramatta Park is fixed as a venue for Sydney for 9th March while Flemington Racecourse is the place for Melbourne on 10th March of 2019. Public transportations are great to reach the destination. Route 404, 472, tram no. 57 and scheduled trains can be utilized economically.

3. Download Japan

This is the first year for the Japanese community to feel what download festival is all about. Download 2019 for Japan will be on 21st March at Makuhari Messe – a Japanese convention center outside of Tokyo near Chiba city. Around 10 bands will be performing during this single day rock event.

Map and time table for download Japan has already been declared on the official website. There are a variety of slots available starting from 500 Yen. It is yet to see how huge it’s gonna be.

4. Download Spain

28th to 30th March 2019 are declared as official dates for download Spain. Download 2019 for Spain is organized at Caja Mágica, Madrid this year. Spanish people are celebrating this festival since 2017.

You need to make a hole in your pocket by €145 for all of three days entrance. More than 80.000 tickets are distributed every year. There is no doubt in the popularity of the event in Spain because of the inclusion of big names. You gotta be joining this one if you are living in Spain.

5. Download Paris

June 15th to 18th was the date when it was held last year in Paris. Since 2017, download festival is being celebrated in Paris. There won’t be a 2019 edition of download Paris but it will be back summer 2019 with more excitement and lineups.

Brétigny Base was the place where it was held last year. With more than 20 bands, it was an energetic 3 days event in 2018. You need to wait for March for further download festival announcement.

Do you still have doubts about the popularity of download 2019? Here are the crazy facts which will convince you that you should join at least once as long as you’re capable of taking O2 from the air.

7 Enthralling Facts about Download Festival

Download 2019 is gonna be a way bigger than we even think. Just look at the following facts of previous download edition. According to a Facebook post of Download’s organizers,

  1. More than 80,000 people were present each day of the festival.
  2. 600.000 liters of water, 650.000 burgers and 650,000 liters of beer were consumed during the days of the festival.
  3. 500 man hours is what it took to build the performance stages of the festival.
  4. The staff of 8.643 members contributed their sweat to make the festival a grand success.
  5. 30,000 square feet area was occupied with combined 160 tons of lights, sound and video equipment.
  6. 150+ bands performed during festival days to keep people entertained.
  7. 9 million people checked download’s post on their Facebook page.

You will have a pretty clear picture of download festival by now. It is certainly the best rock festival you should mark your calendar for. If you’ve booked your tickets, that’s cool! Let us know the place you are coming from in the comment section. Let’s get to know each other. 🙂