Download Festival Lineup | Download 2019 Headliners

If you’re entirely ready to have shitloads of fun at Download festival, the name of various bands is what you may in need of. Checking download festival lineup is the first thing that anyone would love to explore. It may be the prerequisite for booking download festival tickets.

If you are scrolling this page, we certainly don’t need to define what Download festival is all about. But you better hurry up spending a few bucks on purchasing download tickets. Camping tickets are commendable things to have an adventurous weekend for sure.

Purchased the tickets, accommodation settled, traveling booked, group circle is fixed, then what? This is the time for a nice walk through download festival lineup. For download festival 2019 newcomers, the lineup is nothing but bands performing at Donington Park of Leicestershire during 14th to 17th June of 2019. This is the main attraction and determinative factor of how exciting download festival of the current year is gonna be.

Download festival lineup is categorized based on a number of stages. There is a total of 4 stages where bands including download 2019 headliners will be performing during the event. These four download festival stages are:

  1. Main Stage
  2. Zippo Encore Stage
  3. Avalanche Stage
  4. Dogtooth Stage

Around more than 100+ rock bands will be performing during event days. Are you exhilarated knowing download 2019 lineup? Let the show begins…

Download Festival Lineup 2019

We have covered all of download 2019 lineup here organized in event days. All you gotta do is check the date of your booking and inform yourself about the performances of that day. Wait what, have you booked download tickets for all three days? You’re cool, man!

download festival lineup

Download Festival Lineup – 14th June, Friday 2019

Main Stage

  1. Last in Line: An American heavy metal band formed by Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain and Vivian Campbell in 2011. The Last in Line, Heavy Crown, Landslide and II are their famous albums.
  2. Clutch: An American rock band formed by Dan Maines, Jean-Paul Gaster, Tim Sult, and Roger Smalls in 1991. Blast Tyrant, Psychic Warfare, Clutch, and Exodus are their famous albums.
  3. Blackberry Smoke: An American rock(southern) band of Charlie Starr, Richard Turner, Brit Turner, Paul Jackson, and Brandon Still from Georgia. Blackberry Smoke, Break It Down Tour is the most famous albums.
  4. Tesla: An American rock band of original members including Brian Wheat and guitarist Frank Hannon as Earthshaker which acquired more members later. Mechanical Resonance, Psychotic Super, Gold are their identities.
  5. Whitesnake: A Brittan hard rock band founded by former Deep Purple singer David Coverdale in 1978. People know them by Slide It In, Slip of the tongue, Saint & Sinners and a few other albums.
  6. Slash: An American rock band is especially known for Slash, Apocalyptic Love, World on Fire, Living the Dream, Live in Manchester, Made in Stroke.
  7. Def Leppard: An English metal band formed in 1977 gained popularity from X, Euphoria, Hysteria, Pyromania, Adrenalize, Slang and a few other albums.

Zippo Encore Stage

  1. Goodbye June: Formed by three cousins, Goodbye June is quite famous for their Magic Valley, Danger in the Morning, Live in the Now, Man of the Moments albums.
  2. Kvelertak: A Norwegian heavy metal band stealing hearts from their kvelertak, Meir, Nattesfers and a bunch of other albums.
  3. Skid Row: Originated from Los Angeles, it is really famous from Skid, Slave to the Grind, Shubhuman Race, Thickskin, B-Side ourselves etc. creations.
  4. Eagles of Death Metals: An American rock band founded by Jesse Huges and Josh Homme in 1998. Death by Sexy, Zipper Down, Heart On etc. are from their famous collection.
  5. Deadland Ritual: An English-Americal hard rock band formed in 2018 is ready to amaze you.
  6. Opeth: A Swedish progressive metal/rock band founded in 1989. They are popular from Blackwater Park, Still Life, Deliverance, Damnation, Morningrise collection.
  7. Delain: A metal band based out from Dutch founded in 2002 is being praised for their Lucidity, Frozen, Amenity, April Rain and many other albums.
  8. Rob Zombie: Be ready for this amazing multi-talented rock band to ben your knees.

Avalanche Stage

  1. Icon For Hire: An American rock band founded by singer Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump in 2007. Scripted, Supposed to Be, You Can’t Kill Us are their beautiful creation.
  2. Sumo Cyco: A Canadian heavy metal band which amazed the whole world by Lost in Cyco City, The Ugly, Limp, Go Go Go, Give it Away, New rules and some other cool albums.
  3. The Interrupters: An American band pleasing people with Fight the Good Fight, By My Side, Say It Out Loud, Babyloan creations.
  4. Man With A Mission: Commonly know as MWAM is a Japanese rock band formed in 2010. Hard rock and dance-pop is their specialty.
  5. Zebrahead: A Californian punk rock band established in 1995 has created a total of 12 albums. Phoenix, Get Nice, Waste of Mind, Called Your Friends are popular ones.
  6. Reel Big Fish: A Californian ska-punk band especially known for their superhit album called Sell Out, Turn the Radio Off, Cheer Up!
  7. Me First and Gimme Gimmes: An Americal cover band founded in 1995. Have a Bell, Blow in the Wind, Love their Country, Have another Ball are famous ones.

Dogtooth Stage

  1. Lost Society: A Finland based thrash metal band established in 2010. Lost Society release made them quite popular around the globe. After that, Braindead got hit.
  2. Nova Twins: A London based hard rock band with Amy Love and Georgia South as founding members. Spirited live performances are what they famous for.
  3. Conjurer: A metal band of youngsters is glue in real attracting people all around the globe though they are new.
  4. Groundculture: Recently formed by five adults got people’s attention by their very recent music release.
  5. At The Gates: A Swedish death metal band performing since 1990 while reformed in 2011 to continuous performances. At War With Reality is what you should be listening to.
  6. SKYND: An evil themed, woman leading band of two will be your attraction for sure.
  7. Vega: A UK based electric rock band of 5 members. Albums of attractions are Only Human, Who We Are, What The Hell, Kiss of Life.
  8. Twelve Foot Ninja: An Australian heavy metal band formed in 2012 with Silent Machine as a debut. One Hand Killing, Mother Sky, Invincible, Sick are another saleable creation.
  9. Ne Obliviscaris: An Australian progressive metal band founded in 2003. Citadel, The Aurora Veil, Url, Portal of I, Hiraeth are their beautiful creations.
  10. JINJER: A Ukrainian metal band with death metal and progressive rock genre founded in 2009. King of Everything, Cloud Factory, All Comes Around are increasing their fanbase all around Europe.

Download 2019 Bands – 15th June, Saturday 2019

  1. Behemoth
  2. Royal Republic
  3. Die Antwoord
  4. Trivium
  5. Power Trip
  6. Slipknot
  7. Bad Wolves
  8. Brothers Osborne
  9. Animals As Leaders
  10. Three Days Grace
  11. Stone Temple Pilots
  12. Halestorm
  13. Sindred
  14. Roam
  15. The Wonder Years
  16. Simple Creatures
  17. Hot Milk
  18. Parting Gift
  19. Trash Boat
  20. Yours Truly
  21. Nothing, Nowhere
  22. The HU
  23. Cloud
  24. VAMBO
  25. Queen Zee
  26. Lovebites
  27. Intervals
  28. Barushka
  29. Alien Weaponry
  30. Underside
  31. Riding The Low
  32. Carcass

Bands stated from 1 to 6, 7 to 13, 14 to 21 and 22 to 32 stands for the main, zippo encore, avalanche and dogtooth stages respectively.

Download 2019 Lineup – 16th June, Sunday  2019

  2. I Prevail
  3. Cane Hill
  4. Lamb of God
  5. The Smashing Pumpkins
  6. Amon Amarth
  7. Underoath
  8. Tool
  9. Dinosaur Pile-Up
  10. Graveyard
  11. Beartooth
  12. Like a Storm
  13. Dream Theatre
  14. Badflower
  15. State Champs
  17. Slayer
  18. Starset
  19. Allusinlove
  20. Enter Shikari
  21. Black Peaks
  23. Palaye Royale
  24. Heart of a Coward
  25. Fever 333
  26. Black Futures
  27. Our Last Night
  28. The Amity Affliction
  29. Kim Jennett
  30. ALCEST
  31. Lost In Stereo
  32. Wolf Jaw
  33. TOSKA
  34. coldrain
  35. Those Damn Crows
  36. Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics
  37. Crystal Lake
  38. Municipal Waste

Bands stated from 1 to 9, 10 to 19, 20 to 29 and 30 to 39 stands for the main, zippo encore, avalanche and dogtooth stages respectively.

WWW NXT UK will be probably the main attraction of download festival as this is something first time happening since 2003. There will be several matches in the main arena. All of these matches will be recorded and released on WWW Network in form of weekly NXT UK show.