Download Festival Tickets 2019 | Download Tickets Plans & Pricing

If you really made up your mind attending download festival, you better move your ass towards booking download festival tickets. This is to let you know the first-comers as they might be unaware of the word “sold out” for download festival UK.

Buying download festival tickets won’t be enough to enjoy the crowd and performances. You will have to secure your spot in Donington place. It doesn’t mean you are gonna left behind. Securing spot and exchanging wristbands as early as possible will give a better place close to the stage while exhilaration of dancing and listening will be doubled.

Download Instalment plan is everything you’ll ever need. This is the best chance to save some bucks and make this economical especially if you’re coming from a place outside of England. Here is everything you need to know about Download tickets.

Download 2019 Instalment Plan

This is the best download festival offer for the students doing part-time jobs along with studying. Well, you know our youth more than anyone. We all want to experience the best which may cost you more than we have right now weighed all expenditures. But that’s where download tickets plan is gonna rescue you.

Download festival tickets cost can be simplified into three inexpensive payments under instalment plan scheme. Adding weekend area ticket or weekend campaign to shopping basket while purchasing download tickets online is necessary to become eligible for this scheme.

How does Download Tickets Instalment Plan work?

Upon buying download festival 2019 tickets within specified dates, you need pay 30% cost of the entire sum on the spot. That will be counted at the first instalment which we can recall as a down payment.

Another 35% total payment needs to be paid on 1st February, 2019 as the second instalment. And, the final instalment of 35% covering the entire amount should be paid on 1st March, 2019.

download festival tickets
download tickets 2019

As aforementioned earlier, this is abso-fucking-lutely the best deal students can ever get. Students doing single and/or multiple local jobs for supporting their study and living expenditure may not be able to pay the total amount at one shot. Instalment plan is gonna be boon for ‘em.

Download Festival Tickets 2019

Basically, there are 4 categorized section depending on comfort, duration, and of course, pricing.

  1. Camping
  2. No Camping
  3. RIP Options
  4. Extras

You will have an idea about camping and no camping packages as the name suggest. But you certainly don’t want to miss exploring other amazing options. We can say that extras are a sort of add-ons. Let’s dive as deep as we can!

1. Download Camping Tickets

This is the perfect option if you are willing to join download festival for all 3 days. It includes all day’s access to the festival with a variety of camping choices. There is an incorporation of standard camping within the main stage area, quiet camping, and eco camping.

  • 5 Nights Package: Campsite access from 12th June, 2019 (12 noon) – 17th June, 2019 (12 noon) + ground access on all show days.
  • 3 Nights Package: Campsite access from 14th June, 2019 (10 am) – 17th June, 2019 (12 noon) + ground access on all show days.

You must hold your tickets until the wristbands exchange which will provide you unlimited access to and from download festival. Child tickets hold for 5-12 years age while adults are required for respective ones.

2. Download No Camping Tickets

As the name suggests, one won’t have access to the camping area. These tickets allow your foot to download festival arena along with all stages, food stalls. Well, other interesting attraction’s access under this purchase is yet to be declared.

  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday Arena Entry

These are adult tickets with restriction of campsite access. This will the only tickets if you are just willing to attend the event. You can attend specific performances utilizing this option.

  • Weekend Arena Entry

If you made up your mind having fun for all three days and possesses accommodation nearby, this will be your choice. You will have unlimited access to arena on all three show days from 14th June, 2019 – 10 AM .

3. Download RIP Tickets

This is something unique from all other rock festivals. It is the best rock festival campaign escapade you will ever have. Starting from sunrise to sunset, you will feel each instance of the festival a whole day. Do you feel running out of energy, get yourself a RedBull can!

Paper toilets, showers, firepits, live entertainment, doggy bag , and full-time assistance will be accessible under this option.

  • RIP Metal Shadow

There are a bunch of selections to choose from under this specific option. Airstreams, Cabins, Luxury Yurts and Bells, Steel Suite, Bell House, Gypsy Caravan are the selections with limited heads.

  • RIP in Metal Forest

Luxury Bells within distinct woodland are covered in this package with a limited number of campers. VIP access is what you are gonna get with reception staff assistance.

It also includes a particular car parking slot, RIP t-shirt, paper toilets and showers as well. There are some amazing premium extras such as bars, lockers, coffee hub, spa etc.

  • RIP Hotels

This is specifically placed for adults attending events from countries other than UK. You don’t have to worry after arriving at the England as staying accommodation will be covered under this package.

Recommended hotels including Radisson Blue, Hilton, Jury’s Inn, Priest House are included here.

4. Download Extras

This is like the makeup of a bride to make her gorgeous. There are a few facilities included under RIP and camping package but what about having some with normal access package. That’s where it comes. Download tickets for extras are really a worth spending. A quick summary of extras available for the festival is provided below.

  • Coach Package: A plugin for booking and collecting tickets and travelling service.
  • Guest Area: Access to official download guest area for relaxing hang out over a beer.
  • Car Parking Pass: Park your car properly and safely over this facility and save a few bucks by purchasing in advance.
  • Motorbike Pass: Park your bike properly and safely over this facility and save a few bucks by purchasing in advance.
  • Security Bags: Secure your important things with complying official security check procedures.
  • T-shirt: Spread the words about this even by wearing customized download t-shirts.
  • Ready to Rock: Get pre-pitched tent on your arrival without any hustle.
  • Charge Candy: Don’t want to miss capturing memories? Get yourself a portable charger and don’t keep your battery down!
  • Camping Locker: Secure your smartphones and wallets during camping night suing lockers.
  • Seat of Luxury: Access to some of your absolute necessity during event days.
  • Shower Pass: As the name suggests, be ready for a pressurized warm shower of approx. 60 ltr. of water.

After reading this to-do guide of download festival tickets, we hope you won’t be searching anymore for options. Get yourself download tickets as soon as possible and days will be yours entirely!